Clipperton, Pablo Raphael

Libro: Clipperton Autor: Pablo Raphael ISBN: 9788439730507 Fecha de publicacion: 26-marzo-2015 Valoración:
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This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Clipperton Island, uninhabited French island in the eastern Pacific Ocean, 1, miles (2, km) west of Panama and 1, miles (2, km) southwest of is a roughly circular coral atoll (2 square miles [5 square km]), barely 10 feet (3 m) high in most places but with a promontory 70 feet (21 m) high surmounted by a ruined 19th-century lighthouse. Clipperton (Frans: Île Clipperton of soms Île de la Passion genoemd) is een onbewoond atol in het noorden van de Grote Oceaan. Het ligt km ten zuidwesten van Mexico Bestuurlijk Het eiland is Frans grondgebied. Het wordt bestuurd door de minister van. Coördinaten: 10° 17′ NB, ° 14′ WL. Clipperton ou Île de La Passion est un territoire français ultramarin inhabité composé d'un unique atoll et d'une immense ZEE, le seul atoll situé dans le Pacifique oriental à kilomètres de la première côte continentale, celle du Mexique, à à kilomètres. 概要 位置: 形状:直径3km~4kmの円形の環礁 標高:最高地点は20m。 歴史 最初の上陸記録は年。 年に海賊 ジョン・クリッパートン(John Clipperton)が上陸し現在の名前になった。 年にスペイン海軍が同島を発見したが、特に実効支配を行わなかったため、年にフランスがハワイ政府に. Oris Clipperton 限量錶是專為支持保育克利珀頓環礁的使命而製定的。 漸層藍的錶盤,反映環礁周圍的水域顏色,在海上僅下降到60米深。. Clipperton Island, uninhabited atoll, c.2 sq mi ( sq km), in the Pacific Ocean, c mi (1, km) SW of Mexico. It was used as a base by John Clipperton, an English pirate. Jon, 43, director of the Clipperton Project, an exploration group, said they had set out in four boats in the Yucatan Peninsula in the south-east of Mexico, but they lost two in the rapids. Clipperton Island (French: Île de Clipperton or Île de la Passion; Spanish: Isla de la Pasión) is an uninhabited 6 km 2 ( sq mi) coral atoll in the eastern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Central is 10, km (6, mi) from Paris, France, 5, km (2, nmi) from Papeete, Tahiti, and 1, km ( nmi) from Mexico. Clipperton Island is an uninhabited atoll in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Central is about 6 square kilometres ( sq mi) in size, and is an overseas territory of Spanish, it is known as Isla de la Pasió is about 1, kilometres ( mi) from Acapulco. Geografia Clipperton, il cui vero nome di battesimo è île de La Passion (isola della passione), è il più piccolo territorio ai confini del Pacifico in possesso della Francia.L'isola si trova a miglia nautiche ( chilometri) dalla costa più vicina, quella del Messico, e più precisamente da Acapulco, e a miglia ( km) dalla prima terra, quella della piccola isola di Socorro. Main menu About the Authority Organs The Assembly The Council The Secretariat The Finance Committee The Legal and Technical Commission About ISA Secretary-General Secretary General Annual Report Member States Observers Strategic Plan >Page précédente: Los sueños, como interpretarlos
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